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releasedate: jan. 30th, 2015

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In our days nearly all modern music is electronic music on some level. Even within traditional genres, digital recording techniques, editing, and manipulation have become the norm. But parallel to the increased influence of electronic production in mainstream music, there is also a growing effort to re-inject the human element into electronic dance music.


That is why NCR Records highlights a release that blurs the lines between live musicians and electronic music. The german artist Lara Schumann from the rhine-ruhr-area with her long awaited brandnew EP „High Com". The title track „HighCom Dance" abducts the listener with fat 140 bpm on the dancefloors, the nearly 18 minute track „Tecnonizer" instead of that is cleanest dub in brilliant manor.


Schumann only uses analog and selfmade instruments and no sequencers or digital recorders to create her unique, ultra­ flashing live show, appearances on techno parties and handmade techno sound recordings. Non-Stop, in usual DJ-manor she sends her multicoloured audience and also herself onto a sweatening journey.


Restless enthusiasm and: straight into the night. That's what Lara Schumann stands for. With this release you can find answers regarding the role of the musician in modern music, but that`s only half the fun of listening to it.



High Com Dance (S:06)

Tecnonizer (edit) (5:35)

Tecnonizer (original version) (17:45)

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