RALF SCHUMANN - HIGH COM GENRE: ELECTRONIC / TECHNO / DUB TECHNO FORMAT: DIGITAL / 3-TRACK-EP CAT-NO.: NCR 101.4502.3 PRODUCT-ID: EAN 4251070450233 LC-NO.: 34296 PUBLISHING DATE: 30.01.15 NCR Records DIGITAL RELEASE DATE: 30.01.15 DISTRIBUTOR: THE ORCHARD Tracklisting: 1. High Com Dance (5:06); 2. Tecnonizer (Edit) (5:35); 3. Tecnonizer (17:45) All tracks written and composed by Ralf Schumann. All tracks published 2015 by NCR Music.


  • "HIGH COM" is the long awaited EP by well known german techno-DJ and artist Ralf Schumann. The three outrageous handmade techno tracks with huge dub influence will accompany the listener by his sweatening journey straight into the night.