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If you are interested in collaborating with us, simply send a request (or demo) via the contact form below or by e-mail to:


NCR Music’s publishing program reflects their own diverse interests, focusing on innovative, critical rock, indie, electronic, jazz and punk music. Working closely with the artists to produce outstanding records, books and magazines with important contents and high quality.

If you think you are the one to be a great addition to the NCR roster, please send your stuff by e-mail to Alongside please also send images, and information about yours.

If you’re just looking for a channel to offer your already produced works to a broad, indie music- or literature interested audience internationally, you should also contact us to distribute via our competent distribution partners. All mailings are carefully checked, so it may take a while before a reply is sent out. But it’ll definitely come!


What are we looking for?

Unique, creative, and innovative new talents within the fields of Music, Art, Literature, Design, Photography, Illustration, Typography or Visual Journalism.


In form of demos, magazine drafts, books, drawings, e.g.; especially welcome are also master and bachelor theses in the mentioned fields.

What we can offer:

- Integration into our publishing program

- Worldwide distribution


- Direct sales and fulfillment through our own

  online shop

- ISBN / ISSN number

- Listings at German National Library

- Design services and consulting

- Production consulting and handling

- Professional proofreading

- Fair financial conditions

- International promotion on all channels, making

  a total of +300K contacts minimum, e.g. Slanted

  blog, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Newsletter


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