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If you want something done right, just do it yourself. This has been the maxime of NCR Music & Media - founder Jörg Daniel, when in early 2014 he started with a netlabel. But the real beginning was in 1990...


At that time NCR Music CEO Daniel started as freelance radio music promoter for companies like Sony and SPV, as well as he became label founder in Dortmund and Essen. Only one year later he hired at Roof Music in Bochum as label and publishing assistant to learn the media business from the bottom. In 1994 he graduated his studies in economics with media planning work for the EMI Electrola in Cologne and straight away began to work as label- and marketing manager for Rough Trade Germany, later Zomba Records / BMG. In this job he had been responsible for a huge number of releases (incl. several album chart successses in 8 european countries) from bands like the Einstürzende Neubauten, Die Krupps and the Rainbirds, and worked for acts like Julian Lennon, Robert Cray Band, Heather Nova, Die Sterne, Tocotronic, Jamiroquay, Aphex Twin, Kruder & Dorfmeister, Moby, New Model Army, Paradise Lost, Yo La Tengo and Frank Zappa, too.


NCR Music nowadays is music & media publishing, as well as it is a record label and management company. The catalogue includes hundreds of released copyrights of diverse international artists and composers.

Furtheron NCR Music is specialized in synch rights management and sound branding. The company licences it's repertoire to film companies, TV stations, game producers and advertising agencies worldwide.

NCR thereby represents the catalog of different independent labels and artists for synch licensing internationally. Areas of specialty include indie, alternative, jazz and electronic music, hiphop and funk, ambient, intelligent techno and much more.


For all synch licensing inquiries, please contact Most songs clearable within 48 hours.

NCR also offers clearance services for compilations on your behalf. Please send any compilation clearance inquiries to

Worldwide digital and physical record distribution is guaranteed by Hamburg based distribution company The Orchard and a couple of special product distribution partners like Membran, Rough Trade and others.


In-house facilities include graphic design, our promotion and artist management, music publishing, website design, e-commerce support and direct distribution.


The NCR Credo always follows a stridently independent spirit, both on the A&R and business side, something which has allowed the company a greater deal of flexibility over the first 4 years and which fostered some daring business strategies and a steady worldwide expansion.


Alining itself with some of the best minds in the music business, NCR Music has pooled together one of the most organized and forward-thinking staffs seen on independent level.


NCR Records has thereby established a huge number of bands as international successes, all while maintaining their principles of creativity and artistic freedom. The label has meanwhile scored breakthroughs all around europe.


Based in Dortmund, the company has archieved constant and steady growth since 2015. The promotion department has thereby been established early on a caeful way.


The office in Dortmund is the Hub, including Management, A&R, Retail, Marketing, Domestic & Export Sales, Publishing, Licensing, Accounting and all the neccessary rest. Nestled within the industrious Ruhr Valley, the NCR office is handling all of the worldwide territories' sales, promotion, distribution, artist management, touring and all other related works.


First of all thank you to all the fantastic artists we've been able to work with during the first 4 years.We appreciate that very, very much. Great plessure!


Another thank you at this place to our fantastic publishing partner, Sentric Music Ltd., who give bands related to NCR Music and/or NCR Records a lot of great live and sync opportunities, just to name slots at the Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg, the c/o pop Festival in Cologne or the Liverpool Sound City Showcases for example.


And, not to forget saying thank you to our worldwide distribution partner The Orchard, who always is available for any purposes around our physical and digital releases / shipment purposes or for marketing / promotional stuff, that's neccessary to speak about.


Indeed, the musical climate in the past decade has been a volatile one at best, having entirely changed it's focus several times over, while seeing the introduction of the internet and the way that music is not only promoted and marketed, but more and more directly sold to consumers. However, by not aligning itself too closely to any passing trend, but instead remaining focussed on a successsful formula flanked by good music and solid business strategies. NCR Music has not only been able to solidify it's bases over the first 4 years, but used all challenges as opportunities to grow.


Only a handful of indie rock labels have been able to survive during such a tumultious decade, much less proper. NCR Music have had the recources and forethought neccessary to achieve both, and their growth rate has been nothing short to astonishing.


It is dueto the continued and visible growth of NCR Music, that meanwhile some premier european labels begin asking for cooperations and guidance to carry them through some difficult times. NCR Music has already earned a rock-solid reputation as being not only knowledgeable and successful in their field, but also one of the most trustworthy business partners you could hope to have.


As a result, NCR Music soon is going to tie up further partnership deals that enable the label to take over the day-to-day manufacturing and distribution for other indie labels and music collectives.


Since the inception 4 years ago, NCR Records now is part of the worldwide The Orchard-family ... and supplying quality music of various genres to a dedicated niche market - worldwide.

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