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DiSfish Records


Alien Levi - Music From The Interstice

Feb 22, 2019

UPC:  4251070419025

Alien Levi's brandnew 25 Track!!! fourth album for Disfish records again is another example of the great talent, this artist has got. Mixing styles of Electro, Trance and Downtempo in a heavy Dub style, divinely touched with Reggae vibes all over.  Created to tickle your senses!

DiSfish Records


Alien Levi - Interferences Vol.1

Mar 1, 2019

UPC:  4251070419056

Alien Levi from Dortmund, Germany herewith deliveres a smokey 4-track Dub Reggae EP to feed your head right! 

Levi has been hugely influenced by the great ON.U Sound label from Dub Master Adrian Sherwood and that is well to be heard back in this release. 


The EP is re-mastered by noone else than the great dr dub! 


All riddims produced by Ganjaman through his MONZLY RIDDIM project. 


Overdubbed, mixed & mastered by Alien Levi.


On this EP you might hear overdubs and samples by Andy Fairley, Brith Gof, 

Iweresen Duer and William S. Burroughs, plus some ON.U Sound and Star Trek noises.

DiSfish Records


Alien Levi - Interferences Vol.2

Mar 8, 2019

UPC:  4251070419094

The process that lead to this album started in February 2015. Following extensive practice on mixing and mastering, it felt like the time to move forward, entering a next phase of development, Alien Levi mentioned. He then figured, it might be a good idea to get into midi technique. First tryouts sounded like Kraftwerk with way too many bongs and and a bottle of Jägermeister. 


"Trust me, I know how it feels...", said Levi.


Instrumentation, Arrangement, Mixing and Mastering by Alien Levi. 

Design by Christina Herdman.


Dubroom compositions, either by Sure Dread or Messian Dread, or both, were originally released around 1997.

DiSfish Records


Doggy Brasco - The Worst & The Best

Mar 22, 2019

UPC:  4251070419124

File under: R'n'R, Blues, Rockabilly, Reggae, Hip Hop. 


This special project comes from a man who also did the Haris Pilton Gipsy project, but this time he goes far far away from Balkan sound, ''Kolo'' dance (circle dance) and also far away from Europe. 


This album takes place across the sea, on the lonely American desert roads, where Gipsy traveller sound meets American ''Square'' dance... Doggy himself calls it ''Rider Music''... The music, which lifts you high and rides you like sweet, sweet grass of home. 


This also is music for Tarantino, Tony Clifton, Vincent Vega, Brother Marx, Machete, Willie Nelson, Mel Brooks, Johnny Cash, & Elvis fans and music influenced by JJ Cale, Tom Waits, Little Axe, The Doors, Fun Lovin Criminals, Mike Patton etc..


Cover design by Christina Herdman.

DiSfish Records


KarmaHackeR - 1963

Mar 8, 2019

UPC:  4251070419100

DiSfish hereby presents to you an Ambient-Glitch project for KarmaHackeR's 2nd release on the label.


Hetesi Péter Pál aka KarmaHackeR sadly passed away in 2012. The man of great humour and great writings was known for writing the lyrics for several great Hungarian bands like Tátrai Band, Ütött-kopott Angyal and Vadvirágok Band (Wildflowers Band).


He also left a lot of those writings in columns and books, as well as a large amount of yet unreleased music. DiSfish discovered these three untitled tracks in a project, Hetesi Peter Pal named "1963", the year of his birth.


Photography & design by Leendert Mulder.


In memoriam Hetesi Péter Pál aka KarmaHackeR

DiSfish Records


Visionarysoundsystem - Visionary Vibes

Mar 8, 2019

UPC:  4251070419179

Visionarysoundsystem is Mister Drew Relf from the Garden of England. He has been involved with DJ-ing, playing and making music for a long time. His love for heavy bass Dub inspired him strongly. So also for this album. 


Visionary Vibes might remind you of the older works of some On-U Sound as well as some classic Planet Dog and even some The Orb releases. All with it's own signature sound though that makes it Visionarysoundsystem. 


Drew also hosts a radioshow under the same name every Tuesday from 7 till 9 pm UK time on www.riffradio.zohosites.com!

DiSfish Records


Dr Dub - Cough It All Up Vol.1

Mar 1, 2019

UPC:  4251070419032

DiSfish is honored to present a 3 track EP from the one and only On-U Sound Archive man DR DUB! 


Starting off with two On-U Sound Mashups in such a wonderful trippy way, to bring beautiful memories of earlier work from THE ORB. The third and last track is a DR DUB remix from "Daze", that features originally on DOUG WIMBISH's solo album "Trippy Notes For Bass". 




Some words by dr dub: "This EP contains some of my early work and was inspired by Adrian Sherwood's mighty On-U Sound Label. I strongly encourage the purchase of all mentioned albums and/or any On-U Sound album." 

DiSfish Records


Space Tourist - Celestial Adventures

Mar 8, 2019

UPC:  4251070419070

Space Tourist passed by Earth for a quick E.P. on the DiSfish label to tell some of his travel stories. With the help of Thomas Walst (track 1) and Ramses Hoppa (track 1 and 2) two stories have materialized to musical songs, now displayed on DiSfish release number 8. Track 1 is mastered by Space Tourist himself, Track 2 is mastered by legendary dr dubz.


Seemingly satisfied Space Tourist said: " Zzzpeeezzz! Prrrweeeencup cup cup uggawoogawaah. Zmeeb." and zapped on further into the galaxy. 


DiSfish just said: "Thanks, Space Tourist, come back anytime!"


Sleeve art by Christina Herdman.

NCR Records


Die Klebenden Pappkaplane - Kaplane Und Liebe

Dec 31, 2019

UPC:  4251070419018

Das Debutalbum "Kaplane Und Liebe" des Dortmunder Nordstadt-Punk-Dreiers versprüht gepflegte Lautstärke in klassischer 1-2-3-4-Manier.


DiSfish Records


Scars Of Violence - Love & Hate

Mar 8, 2019

UPC:  4251070419131

Scars Of Violence's 'Love & Hate' EP is an exploration of the depths of the soul. What's found there, is sometimes beautiful and sometimes horrific. Often both. 

"Scars Of Violence is an emotional side project of Ramses Hoppa. The songs are often far away from happiness, but relaxing. Hoppa originally produced the songs for himself, with some exceptions, 


"The songs are meant as a reflection of deep parts in one's soul, they might speak to you differently." - Ramses Hoppa


Artwork by Christina Herdman.

DiSfish Records


Alien Levi - The Difficult Listening Hour

Mar 8, 2019

UPC:  4251070419155

A trip of Psychedelic, Electronic, Minimalistic, Downtempo Dub. 


Not being able to sit still, musical centipede Alien Levi drew another breathtaking album from his studio. The Difficult Listening Hour shows again the peculiar talent that this German Alien has got. A captivating treat for the brain from beginning to end!

DiSfish Records


Uncle Fester On Acid - L'altare Della Scienza

Mar 1, 2019

UPC:  4251070419087

File under: Drug Music


We have been lurking about the official release of the Uncle Fester On Acid EP for a while now, but - at last - here it is! 


But what is it really? Well, we'd have problems describing what kind of music this is. Let's give it a try then... The trippy, dubby, breaky sounds on "L'altare Della Scienza" will warp the surprised listener into a dreamy, acidy trip - straight to outer space. Does that ring a bell? Or should we just call it a frequency feast? Yeah right...


Uncle Fester On Acid is the tri polar alter ego of Dr. Dub. 

DiSfish Records


{SEC EDIT} - 10rpm

Mar 1, 2019

UPC:  4251070419049

{sec edit} is a well known musician and producer from Amsterdam. He has been producing Hip Hop, Breakbeat, House/Techno, Reggae and more styles for several decades now. 


This album, called "10 Revolutions per Month", is produced especially for DiSfish records. A strong Dub-Ragga album as an ode to revolutions worldwide and of all times.


In the words of (sec edit): 

"See the picture. Think of 10 revolutions per month. Throwing stones, demonstrations, revolt, revolution. The stones on the picture are from several ruins from different decades. They are from Mani, Greece, from Byzantine, Ottoman and Greek old buildings. From decayed dominions." 

DiSfish Records


KarmaHackeR - The Future Sound Of Cyberpest 

Mar 1, 2019

UPC:  4251070419063

This album, compiled by DiSfish's Ramses Hoppa, shows a wide range of styles, holding Klezmer, Dub, Blues, Tango, Ambient, Tribal and many more.


Hetesi Péter Pál aka KarmaHackeR, born 1963, died in 2012. The good friend and earlier re-starter of the DiSfish label, was a man of many talents. When Ramses from DiSfish met him in 1997 the first time, he mentioned, he was a journalist in Hungary.


But he had many more skills, of which one was, making music. In his own way. A remixer, a samplist. He released a lot of contemporary ambient scapes, often with an angelic angle of incidence. 


He also was a well known lyrics writer for bands like Tátrai Band, Ütött-Kopott Angyal (Battered Angel) and Vadvirágok (Wildflowers Band (Vadvirágok), he furtheron declared in an interview.


And he was part of the bands Dubstah Sound System and Dhamapada Dub Collective, which had several performances on, amongst others, Sziget festival in 2011. 


Enjoy, too!


DiSfish is releasing this album in great honour and deep respect. It is a special dedication to Luca Kata Hetesi.


Sleeve art by Christina Herdman.

DiSfish Records


{SEC EDIT} - Cumbia Inconveniente

Mar 8, 2019

UPC:  4251070419117

Cumbia Inconveniente is the second EP release by (SEC EDIT). 


Being a multi-stylist {SEC EDIT} takes you on an excursion to Cumbia/Latin/Dance in a slightly uncomfortable fashion. Expect an impending, sinister, dark and uneasy experience, yet incredibly danceable and possibly timeless... 

DiSfish Records


Uncle Fester On Acid - Tripolar Symptoms

Mar 8, 2019

UPC:  4251070419148

Uncle Fester On Acid - Tripolar Symptoms


Bubbling Bass Dub galore. Jazz. African. Beats. Space. Spacier. Spaciest. Beyond space. Beyond the universe?

Uncle Fester on Acid, the tripolar alter ego of ON-U Sound man Dr Dub, strikes again with an idiosyncratic sonic assault. The digital 12" holds 2 extended versions of an idea called YR EGO = NOT YR AMIGO. 


Inspired by Italian dub explorer Dadub a.k.a. Inner8, who is responsible for percussion and various original sounds. Uncle Fester gave it his usual treatment of sheer mutilation and sonic Dali handling. Headphone sex in full effect, play this on a high end sound system and you will get the full 3D holographic picture slammed into your nerve system.


Percussions and various basic sounds by Dadub. Inspired by Dadub's "No More Prayers". Lots of love to the fabulous UNDOGMATISCH label! 

DiSfish Records


Alien Levi - Phase IV {Music For Ants} 

Mar 8, 2019

UPC:  4251070419162

Ants are known for their ability to punch well above their weight. Hence, for those, who have followed the evolution of Alien Levi, through his releases on DISfish records and beyond - given the album's subtitle - it may not come as a surprise, that he has set new standards once more with his new album. 


But this time there's even more: Phase IV is a 3D sonic journey, that guides you deep inside the musical soul of the German dub craftsman, who has created a sonic blend, that one would normally expect from a master whiskey blender: 70s electronics, 80s industrial with a hint of synth-pop, 90s big beat with the odd techno note. All drenched in a 21st Century sauce with hints of deep sub bass, haunting noises and dub echoes. 


The end result is jaw dropping to say the least. For the whiskey lovers among us: think Chivas Regal 21yrs Royal Salute. 

There's no way to file this really, but no worries: just create a new section: ALIEN. 

Dr Dub, Feb 2017


All tracks mixed and mastered by Alien Levi. 

Composed by Alien Levi except: 

Track 2 by Messian Dread,

Track 3 by Thomas Walst & Ramses Hoppa,

Track 6 by Alien Levi & Chris Schwieghusen.